Friday, 9 September 2011

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Asia Carrera Biography

Asia Carrera took birth in a middle class society in the city of New York City, United States. Her father was Japanese and her Mom was a German.    
She was the eldest among all her siblings. She was a bright child, loved playing piano and by the time she was 16, she worked as an English teacher in a Japanese college.

This academically brilliant child changed her destiny when she decided to leave her parents as according to her, they used to force her for academic performance.
Asia Carrera performed several anal sex scenes and one of her most famous movie was titled “A is for Asia”. Apart from this there are several other very famous Asia Carrera Porn Videos available online. Asia Carrera worked as the guest reviewer for the magazine Maximum PC.

Carrera was very active online and often tagged herself as “the nerd of porn”. She has appeared in various interviews and has told how horrified her childhood was. She was though an achiever but she denied the pressure from her parents and decided a career in adult industry for herself. She says that she was beaten by her parents for a poor academic performance and was not allowed to go out with friends. She was being forced to excel academically and join some top colleges.

Carrera though did not want to be part of this small prison anymore and she just ran away. She blame her parents for all the “Asia Carrera Porn Videos” available anywhere on the earth, she thinks if her parents would not have forced her, she would have never entered the adult industry.

She admits that she had to sleep with people she didn't like, just to have a night's shelter. She always wanted to drive back and find ways to become rich, but she always had a gut feeling and never returned home. At present there are various sites which have a good collection of “Asia Carrera Porn Videos”, available for sale.